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Agoo prides itself on community involvement and maintaining best practices in order to support the children and families who walk through our doors.


A big part of Agoo's community outreach endeavors includes our renowned internship and volunteer program at the Family and School Services Department and within Agoo Academy. Through collaboration with various universities, cegeps and vocational programs, Agoo offers students the opportunity to witness and take part in our exemplary interdisciplinary services.


Our internship and volunteer program offers individuals the opportunity to explore various fields including psychology, neuropsychology, speech language pathology, occupational therapy, psychoeducation, special care counselling and more. Working alongside our professional team of clinical supervisors, students acquire hands on experience in their field(s) of choice including theoretical practice, research, program development, observation and direct interaction with clients.


Here are some examples of opportunities available to our interns and volunteers:

- mentorship and coaching

- interdisciplinary meetings and collaboration

- observations across fields of interest

- program creation and development

- clinical based research

- assessment practice and familiarization

- access to professional development workshops and activities

- direct experience with clinical evaluations and interventions (assessments, lesson planning, facilitation of interventions, etc.).

- offsite (daycare or school) intervention experience

- shadowing

- administrative support including documentation, record keeping, etc.

& more


Through our internship program, Agoo is able to not only support cegep and university students as they pursue their professional careers, but also offer various accessible learning opportunities to families throughout our community.


Please contact us for more information at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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