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Kickfit Lab Training Center is a fitness facility devoted to teaching the principles and regimens of boxing, kick boxing, fitness, Taekwondo, and flexibility. We pride ourselves on being a community center open to supporting those willing to better their lives through physical fitness.


Kickfit Lab Training Center is proud to offer services to our community’s youth, as physical activity promotes health and wellness in the lives of children and adolescents. We offer summer camp training services for children, and private sports team trainings in our facility. Athletes are prepared to compete adequately in their sports through a variety of conditioning methods. Kickfit Lab also participates in the community’s Sport–Études program, designed for high performance athletes, promoting their abilities to maintain an academic standard while participating in a rigorous sport. Students are welcomed by our positive atmosphere, and motivated by the work ethic in which we hope to instill.


Lastly, Kickfit Lab is happy to support the community’s youth in need, creating a healthy outlet for mental health support. We pride ourselves on the impact we have on our young community and do our best to advocate for them through charitable work.

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