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Elizabeth Triassi, MA., Vice President Family & School Services

 Elizabeth Triassi. MA,

Director of the family school and services

Thrives on facilitating the mechanisms of Agoo's mission;  to  promote  and  maintain  the  well-being  of  children  and  their  families  through  a interdisciplinary and  collaborative approach through the prevention and treatment  of  any  condition that  may  impact  their  physical,  emotional and psychosocial health. This is done so by working as a team with the medical physicians, paramedical professionals, families, school, daycare, community and the patient.  

Elizabeth continues to be passionate of agoo's vision of comprehensive, best possible health care to all patients.  

Her role is to educate, consult, provide intervention and advocate for individuals, families and children within a secure environment.

Psychopedagogical consultant:

Elizabeth sees patients as a psychopedagogical consultant and provides receipts under Naturotherapie. With the goal of enhancing emotional intelligence for the 21st century, Elizabeth offers a specialized form of individual and group experiential related intervention for everyday living.

To help people exceed to their full potential and live a meaningful life with a realistic and positive purpose.

Her clientele consists of young adults, teens, families and children that are simply trying to find their best self. 

Her clientele also consists of people with social-emotional difficulties, anxiety, anger related issues, impulsivity and inattention and social communication challenges.

For more information on the services we offer at Agoo please call:    

Elizabeth at: 450-687-6888 ext 113

Or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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